10 Surprising Weight Loss Facts

Here is something a bit different for you today I decided to forgo the usual bootcamp related posts and go with some interesting Weight loss facts
Working out and staying active is a lifestyle choice, yet there are always those who would rather fast-track the process instead of staying committed to a healthy lifestyle and losing the weight gradually.

Those wanting to fast-track usually get caught up in the unhealthy ‘healthy’ ways of losing weight, thinking they know what’s best, however that’s usually not the case.

Here are 10 surprising fitness facts that just might rock your whole weight loss world and make you rethink the ways in which you are going about your healthy lifestyle.

The Top Ten

#10 Your body burns more calories in the 23 hours it’s not exercising than in the 1 hour in which it is.

#9 You CAN eat anything and still be losing your weight. However, ‘weight’ does not always equal fat, it can mean muscle too and muscle is something you don’t want to lose when you are trying to lose weight.

#8 Whole grain bread, or whole wheat bread, is still considered a processed food.

#7 A junk food diet is not more affordable than eating healthy, you just need to know where to shop and what to buy.

#6 Gym membership prices are negotiable. You just need to get up the courage to haggle. On that note, you also don’t need a gym membership to be able to stay in shape or even maintain a regular strength training routine.

#5 80% of people who begin a new workout routine will eventually quit that routine.

#4 Muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat, it is just more dense than it.

#3 The more muscle you have is directly proportionate to how many calories your body will burn while in rest mode.

#2 You cannot get killer abs solely by doing ab exercises. Killer abs come from a well-rounded workout routine paired with a consistent and healthy diet.

#1 A healthy lifestyle is not a physical challenge, it’s a mental challenge. Stay strong mentally and you will reap the physical benefits of staying on track and motivated in your workouts.

While maintaining a regular healthy lifestyle can seem like a uphill battle some days, it is those days that ultimately make you stronger and even more committed to maintaining your new lifestyle.

And if you do drop the ball and slip up try to not get discouraged and guilt yourself, guilt is one of the worst motivating factors in trying to lose weight. Instead try a little positive reinforcement, it is by far the best motivator and will help you stay on track.


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