A Workout is Incomplete without Music

music for working outYou are fully geared up for your exercise session. All that is missing to push you towards the perfect workout session are the soundtracks. For most of us, our MP3 players or our iPods become our personal trainers while working out.
The impetus
Music is the impetus that helps you complete a perfect workout session. If you look through the pages of history, you will see how important music was to the warriors setting out for a war. The Greek warriors always marched off to fight to the tunes of the Dorian music.
Music has always excited and inspired the energy levels of people. Even today, while running on the treadmill most of us listen to motivational numbers and pumped up music like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen and Madonna.
Listening to this kind of music helps you pick up your lagging energy during an intense workout session. It keeps you on the move constantly.
Music pushes you to the limit
Good music for your workout session gets you all determined to finish that final mile. There are quite a few studies and researches made on how and why music motivates you during a workout session. Not every kind of song can do so when you workout.
Tempo and lyrics
The best workout songs are the ones with a fast tempo. The tempo of the song reflects the tempo of the person’s heartbeat during a regular session. You can choose your workout music based on this factor. The beats also help you synchronize your motion to the music. This improves you movement efficiency and reduces the risk of getting hurt.
Another factor that your motivation depends on, are the lyrics of the songs you choose. The lyrics of the songs you choose must energize you and pump you up. Songs by Audioslave, The Killers and Rihanna, all prove to be great workout numbers. Many articles show that the theme song from Rocky is an all-time favorite.
The right song
Music is a very personal thing and the genres also matter. You might have the right song with the right tempo, inspiring lyrics and perfect rhythm, but if you have never liked the song then it serves no purpose. So make sure you put together a great playlist for your workout session filled with the peppy numbers you like.
Listening to music seems like such a simple thing, but it does so much more than just make you happy. The right kind of music during a workout session makes a huge difference. It can pump you up or even calm you down. Two different playlists are used while you do yoga and for rigorous workouts for this purpose.
Your body is tailored to perform to the kind of music you listen to during a workout session. Sometimes, the playlist could be so motivating that you will continue your workout until the next song ends, only because you love that track. So make sure you choose the right kind of songs for your workout sessions.


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