Individual training or group fitness: which one would you pick?

Fitness Bootcamp

Problems of obesity and many other health hazards are on the rise around the world, and that is why fitness and health in the recent past became matter of concern. Losing those extra pounds is essential because it helps you look fit and also ensures leading a healthy life. You cannot expect to lose weight by only maintaining a diet and leading a balanced lifestyle. If you want to really tone up your shape and lose extra weight, you have to make sure that you work out regularly. There are many avenues you can use to gain your fitness objectives- following either an individualized program or group training. The individualized program includes workouts that can be incorporated in a fitness program. All of these workouts keep in mind your fitness aims and body type. Many people around the world prefer to go for one to one training programs since they more often prefer to follow programs which are tailored specifically for them. Many people with medical complications may not be in a … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Fitness Bootcamps

Dog Friendly Fitness Bootcamps

As a dog owner, there’s nothing worse than trying to find the balance between outside demands—work, workout, social life—and spending time with a furry pal. As I’m the type of person who spends time researching the best dog food, quality pet insurance, ensuring all the dog toys are BPA free, etc. there have been many times I’ve chosen to forgo stopping off at the gym on my way home from work just so that I could spent quality time with my pup. So thinking about this for a bit, it turns out, though, there are ways to get in a fantastic work out AND spend time with my dog. Doggie bootcamps are becoming increasingly popular as pet owners look for ways to include their dogs into their daily life. Not only do the owners get in a good workout, but the dogs get to be active and get in some obedience training to, ahem, boot. Pre-Boot Camp You’ll want to make certain that your participants have a grasp—or a paw—on a few obedience basics. All dogs should be able to sit, … [Read more...]

How to Beat the Fear of a Shorter Life?

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The way that you walk is indicative of how long you will live, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association’s January 2011 issue. In this issue it is stated that the finding is the result of in excess of 14 years of study. People who by habit tend to walk faster can actually expect that they will live longer than those that tend to set a more leisurely pace instead. According to the research, the speed at which you walk will help to boost the level of physical fitness that you enjoy. In fact, the two benefit each other so that the faster you walk, the fitter you become, and the fitter you become, the faster you walk. For those thinking of purchasing some home gym equipment, this is certainly encouraging information. Naturally, the studies that were referred to in that January 2011 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association are not the only ones to have been conducted with regards to the benefits that result from walking. Most of us have heard that … [Read more...]

The Benefits Of Fitness In Your Forties And Beyond

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The following post was writing by Dr. David Smithson, Birmingham bioidentical hormone doctor. Dr. Smithson is part of the BodyLogicMD national network of bioidentical hormone doctors, who use a more natural hormone replacement therapy to help individual achieve natural hormone balance. When it comes to fitness and aging, there is a common misconception circulating - many people believe that as they age, fitness becomes less and less important and more and more impossible. This concept could not be further from the truth. Maintaining physical fitness throughout the lifespan is extremely important and can improve life throughout each decade. On the other hand, older individuals who have never worked out, but are considering adding physical activity to their regimen, will reap greater benefits than more youthful exercisers. Exercise is one of the few ways you can turn back the clock naturally from the inside out. In your teens, twenties and for the most part, thirties, your body … [Read more...]

Fitness Bootcamp – A New Way For Getting In Shape

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When you need to determine which is the best fitness bootcamp for you, you should be looking for the kind that won’t help you to achieve your goals, but also one that is fun to do.   Unfortunately many people when wanting to get in shape will be happy to do what is asked of them but as soon as it begins to feel repetitive they lose interest and gradually they stop attending their classes.   However this isn’t the case when it comes to joining a fitness bootcamp they are there to ensure that you remain focused and motivated on what it is you want to achieve.   There are also a number of other reasons why people are opting to participate in this types of workout programs rather than those that their local gym offer today.   The first of these being is that they are held outdoors, so there is more space for the exercises involved to be performed.   Plus rather than having to stand next to someone with smelly armpits you only get to smell the flowers and the … [Read more...]

Fitness Bootcamp – A Few Reasons To Get Involved

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Fitness Bootcamp – A Few Reasons To Get Involved   In the last few months there has been a steady increase in the number of people who want to learn more about fitness bootcamps.   These are people who are looking for a way to lose weight and get fit that isn’t only exhilarating but also challenging.   Of course you may still be wondering whether joining a local fitness bootcamp is a good idea for you.   Well in this article I will provide some reasons as to why it is.   However we would like to remind you that you can only really receive good results by finding a good bootcamp to attend that have good trainers and of course you are committed to achieving your goals.   Reasons why joining a fitness bootcamp is such a good idea.   1. You will find these a lot more fun as they are designed to challenge you more.   Plus you will find that the enthusiasm of the others in your bootcamp will help to turn exercise from a mundane chore into … [Read more...]

Fitness Bootcamp – 5 Reasons Why Women Should Attend

Fitness Bootcamp

5 Reasons Women Should Attend a Fitness Bootcamp   Most women are deterred from attending a fitness bootcamp initially as a way of helping them to get in shape and lose weight.   But as you like they will soon discover there are a number of great advantages to be had from getting involved in these types of fitness programs today.   Of course they will not only help you to look good, but you will also find yourself starting to feel good about who you once you have participated in one of them.   But these aren’t the only reasons why attending such a fitness program should be seriously considered by you.   Below we take a look at some of the other reasons why  attending a fitness bootcamp over more traditional fitness programs should be considered.   Reason 1 – The main reason why you will want to attend such a program as so many other women have is that like them you will lose weight much quicker.   In fact many women who have attended such … [Read more...]

Fitness Bootcamp – What Do You Get From Attending One?

Fitness Bootcamp

 Fitness BootCamp- What you will Achieve by attending One   Are you looking for a quick way to improve your physical fitness as well as losing weight?  If you are then now is the time to consider joining a fitness bootcamp that will be available in your local area.   However you shouldn’t just choose just anyone of the programs to do there are certain things that you need to consider.   When searching for such a program there are certain criteria’s that need to be met and which you should be focusing on.   Most people when they want to get fit will do so alone through use of information that they have collected from the Internet or media.  However they often fall by the wayside as in order to really get fit they need to put in a great deal of effort and need to be motivated to actually achieve the goals they desire.   The problem with devising your own fitness program is that you won’t be able to combine the correct types of exercises at their … [Read more...]

Fitness Bootcamp – Pros And Cons?

Fitness Bootcamp

Lets examine the Pros and cons of attending a Fitness Bootcamp Everywhere you look today you are going to see adverts for a fitness bootcamp.    Certainly in the last few months the number of instructors offering such classes has grown quite substantially and those who participate in them are looking for a quick and effective way to not only get fit but also lose weight.   In fact such classes are now becoming even more popular than the traditional types of exercise classes that your local gym runs.   In this article we take a look at the pros and cons of joining such a class that is available where you live.   This way you can then make a more informed decision as to whether this type of class is right for you or not.   Pros Of Joining A Fitness Bootcamp   1.  This type of exercise class provides you with a not only a cardio workout but a body strength one all in the one hour session.   2.  As you will be exercising with others rather … [Read more...]