Fitness Bootcamp – What Are They?

Fitness Bootcamp  Does just the thought of this make you break out in a cold sweat?

We’ve all become more concerned about how health and certainly many of us are looking for quick effective ways to lose weight and also get in shape.   In recent months a new form of exercise has begun to prove increasingly popular with all types of people.   The new form of exercise that seems to be taking the world by storm is the Fitness Bootcamp.

This type of outdoor group exercise combines traditional body weight and callisthenic exercises with strength and interval training.   So it is providing your body with a complete workout.   Also the Fitness bootcamp is designed in such a way to ensure that you push yourselves much harder than you would normally.


Fitness BootcampMost fitness boot camps require you to participate in them for a period of 4 to 8 weeks and will require you to perform the various exercises without much rest between them.   The main reason why these classes are proving so popular with so many today is that they offer a new way to get not only a challenging workout but also a more efficient one.   However this form of exercise isn’t for everyone, but certainly if you choose the right fitness bootcamp instructor you will be able to see the results you desire much more quickly.


Of course if you have never heard of this form of exercise before, let us explain a little more in this article what you can expect from joining such.


Generally you will find that the standard fitness bootcamp offers some or all of the following to those who participate in it.

What Does a Fitness Bootcamp Include?

1.  You are actually exercising with others but in much smaller groups compared to other exercises classes.   A good instructor will have classes of between 6 and 10 people, this will help create a feeling camaraderie among the fitness bootcamp participants


2. When you are involved in this type of exercise class you won’t find yourself staring at the same four walls each week or day.   Instead the classes are actually held outdoors.  If you were to take a walk through your local park these days you are sure to spot one or two bootcamp classes being held.


3.  Before the main part of the class can commence at the start of each session 10 minutes will be spent warming up.   This will then ensure that your muscles and body are functioning properly and so reducing the risk of you causing harm to yourself.


4.  Typically when you attend a fitness bootcamp class the whole session following the warm up will take between 30 and 40 minutes to complete.   This is because you will be required to perform a number of different exercises, such as push-ups, plyometric and core strength exercises.   Along with interval and speed training.   Plus you may find that as your health improves your instructor requires you to participate in team events such as going over an obstacle course or working with other people in your class.   Then after all this a further 10 minutes or more will be used to help you cool down and of course reduce the risk of you injuring yourself.


Of course with so many fitness bootcamp classes now available, how can one determine just which one is right for you?   Ideally the class that you should be choosing is one that offers you the following:


1.  You need to make sure that your safety is paramount so check to make sure that before you commence such classes they carry out a full fitness assessment.


2.  Also before you do begin fitness bootcamp classes the instructor should be checking with you to find out if you suffer from any kind of medical conditions or injuries that may limit what you can do.   Then they can actually come up with a workout that is tailored to ensure that no harm comes to you when performing any of the exercises.   Plus also make sure that they are willing to work with your doctor to ensure that the exercises you perform won’t prove detrimental to your other medical condition.


3.  Make sure that you find out their level of experience and what training they have undertaken and what qualifications they have obtained.   At minimum the instructor you choose should be someone who has gone to college and participated in a health or fitness program.   Also look for instructors who have obtained recognized fitness certificates such as ACE, NSCA or ACSM. The should also have previous experience of running a fitness bootcamp,  Plus of course check that they have under gone basic first aid training including the administration of CPR.


4.  If there is an opportunity to actually sit in and observe or actually participate in a fitness bootcamp class before you do sign up then this is something that you should do.   This way not only will you be able to see if you feel comfortable working out with others when you haven’t participated in such forms of exercise before.   Plus it offers you the opportunity for you to see whether the way in which it is run and structured is suitable to how you would like to get fit.


5.  Finally of course when it comes to choosing the right kind of Fitness Bootcamp for you then look at how the exercises can be modified to suit your needs.   Of course you don’t want to start out having to perform the same kinds of exercises that other members of the class are performing and who have been attending it for several weeks.   Ideally you want an instructor who can actually modify the exercises so that they not only suit the needs of more advanced exercisers but also to those who are complete novices to this form of workout.


Above we have offered you some brief insight into what a fitness bootcamp is about as well as what to look for when you choose to join one.   Hopefully when you do find the right one for you, you will immediately begin some real changes with regards to the way you look and feel.


Thats it for this article check back soon for more news and ideas about running a and participating in a fitness bootcamp

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