Fitness Bootcamp – Cross Trainers Are A Good Investment

Fitness BootcampWhen you are involved in a fitness bootcamp workout not only is it important to wear the right kind of sports bra and clothing, but also the right kind of footwear.   Most people will just pull on any kind of trainers without thinking about what effect wearing them could have on their feet.    In fact the best type of footwear you can wear when taking part in a fitness bootcamp workout are those known as cross trainers.


In this article we will explain a little more about what cross trainers are and the pros and cons of wearing them.   Plus we will also explain a little bit about the key features yours should come with.


This type of footwear is given its name as they can be worn when carrying out a variety of different activities.   So of course they are capable of being able to “cross” from one activity to another without the need for you having to take them off and put another pair of trainers on.   However these aren’t the kind of trainers you should be wearing when you are doing a lot of running.


So what are the pros and cons to be gained from investing in a pair of these types of trainers for you to wear when at your fitness bootcamp workout?


Pros Of Wearing Cross Trainers


1.   They are the most versatile type of athletic shoes you can currently purchase.

2.   This type of footwear will be able to meet your basic stability, comfort, cushioning and durability that is needed when doing any kind of sporting activity.

3.   They are the most economical purchase as you now only need to purchase one pair of trainers but use them when carrying out a number of different sporting activities.


Cons of Wearing Cross Trainers


1.  They should never be worn by people who go out running regularly as they don’t offer the same level of cushioning and flexibility as running athletic shoes can.

2.   Also you will find that they weigh quite a bit more than trainers designed for running in.


Key Features To Look For When Purchasing A Pair Of The Trainers To Wear At Your Workout At Fitness Bootcamp


1.   The outsoles of yours should be wide so that they offer plenty of support to both sides of your feet and this will help them to provide you with more stability when working out.


2.   Look for cross trainers that the actual soles are made from either carbon rubber or where this material has then been combined with blown rubber.   Not only does this help to reduce how much the trainers weigh but also helps to make them feel much softer and the sole is then much more flexible.


3.  These types of trainers tend not to have so much cushioning, as you would find in a pair of running ones.  However they still provide enough cushioning and support to ensure that no serious damage is caused to your feet and legs as you exercise.   When it comes to purchasing cross trainers you have a choice of material from which the cushioning inside them is made.   The first type is EVA, which is very lightweight but won’t offer you much stability.   Whilst the other material used is PU (Polyurethane) this is much denser and so is much more stable and much more durable, but does result in the trainers weighing more.


4.  Generally the upper parts of these trainers are made from leather as it helps to offer much more support to your ankles.   However if you can opt for pairs of cross trainers to wear at your fitness bootcamp sessions that are constructed from both leather and a lightweight synthetic mesh material.   Going for this type will ensure that air is able to get to your feet.   Plus make sure that when purchasing yours that they come with a secure lacing system to ensure that your feet will remain stable and secure when doing any kind of lateral movements during your workout.


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