Fitness Bootcamp – How To Select The Right Kind Of Sports Bra

Fitness Bootcamp choosing a sports braWhen it comes to exercising you wouldn’t wear a pair of jeans or flip-flops would you?  So it is important that when exercising you wear the right sort of bra.   Any sort of physical activity you perform including the exercises you do at a fitness bootcamp are strenuous and will cause your breasts to bounce.   Unfortunately by wearing a normal bra you won’t provide your breasts with the support that they need.


If your breasts aren’t provided with the right level of support when exercising then eventually they may begin to stretch and sag.   This will only cause you discomfort when exercising.   Plus also your breasts are going to rub against the skin surrounding them and possibly each other so that this could in turn lead to you suffering from pain where chafing has occurred.   Wearing a sports bra will ensure that issues like this can be avoided, plus a good one will help to ensure that moisture is wicked away from your skin.


Of course with so many different kinds of sports bras now available how do you decide which one is right for you?   It is important when shopping for such items that they meet the following:


1.  Make sure that there is some separation between each of the bras cups.   For those of you have large breasts, which are a cup, size C or bigger make sure that your sports bra has two separate cups with a divider between.   Also look for ones that are underwired, as these will offer your breasts even more support.   Plus look for bras for doing sports activities in that have a wide band around the chest.


2. For us women who have smaller breasts then opt for a compression sports bra.   These are pretty sturdy and will be made of breathable fabric to prevent the build up of moisture.   Unlike the bras made for larger breasted women these type will not have hooks at the back.  Instead to put them on you simply slide them over your head.


3.   The next thing to be looking at is the width of the straps.   Ideally look for sports bras that you can wear when doing exercises at the fitness bootcamp you attend that are wide.   This should make them feel more comfortable when being worn on your shoulders.   Also make sure that they are not made of a stretchy or elastic material as they could cause damage as you move.


4.   Look carefully at the location of the bras seams.   You must make sure that they are not located in positions where they are likely to cause rubbing or chafing to areas of the skin as you exercise.   Ideally the seams should be situated in locations that will not bother you as you workout.


5.   Finally when it comes to buying your sports bra make sure that the one you select allows for some stretching so that they fit around and over your breasts comfortably.   However the bra shouldn’t be able to stretch up or down or shouldn’t allow your breasts to bounce around.


Above we have offered some advice about how to go about selecting the right sports bra.   We would recommend that you try on several different makes and sizes before you purchase.   This will then ensure that you are able to concentrate better on the exercises during your fitness bootcamp program.


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