Fitness Bootcamp – Pros And Cons?

Lets examine the Pros and cons of attending a Fitness Bootcamp

Everywhere you look today you are going to see adverts for a fitness bootcamp.    Certainly in the last few months the number of instructors offering such classes has grown quite substantially and those who participate in them are looking for a quick and effective way to not only get fit but also lose weight.


IFitness Bootcamp pros and consn fact such classes are now becoming even more popular than the traditional types of exercise classes that your local gym runs.   In this article we take a look at the pros and cons of joining such a class that is available where you live.   This way you can then make a more informed decision as to whether this type of class is right for you or not.


Pros Of Joining A Fitness Bootcamp


1.  This type of exercise class provides you with a not only a cardio workout but a body strength one all in the one hour session.


2.  As you will be exercising with others rather than on your own you will find that you are more motivated to stick with the exercises.


3.  Because you will be training with between 5 and 9 other people during the class of course the amount charged by the instructor is reduced.


4.  Another advantage to joining such a class is that you won’t find yourself having to stare at a wall or mirror as you exercise.   This is because the instructors prefer to take the classes outside and can do so as no specialist equipment is needed to perform the exercises.


5.  Finally the exercises you are taught by the instructor are ones that you can then use anywhere you want, as very little equipment is needed to perform them.  In fact a fitness bootcamp allows you to learn new ways of exercising that you can perform anywhere you want.


Cons of Joining A Fitness Bootcamp


1.  Unfortunately the amount of feedback you receive from your instructor may be quite limited depending on how many students take part in each class.   This means that they may not be able to provide you with sufficient feedback with regard to how you are performing the exercises and also with how to prevent causing injury to yourself.


2.  Most of these classes use basic exercises that can then be tailored to suit a variety of different fitness levels.   However you may find that you need to adjust these further to ensure that your workout is one that meets your particular fitness levels and goals.


3.  During the first week of a fitness bootcamp you may become somewhat frustrated with your lack of progress.   This is because you are learning completely new routines and of course having to deal with the soreness from starting them.   But if you are wiling to stick with it for a month or more then the results you begin to see really will prove extremely beneficial to you. The bottom line is a fitness bootcamp will work for almost everyone if they have the patience and endurance to stick with it.


If you keep in mind what we have discussed above then finding a fitness bootcamp that suits your particular needs won’t prove at all difficult.


Thats it for this article check back soo for more news and ideas about running a and participating in a fitness bootcamp

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