Fitness Bootcamp – Selecting The Right Clothes

fitness bootcampHow To Go About Selecting The Right Clothes For Fitness Bootcamp


When you are deciding what to wear to a Fitness Bootcamp workout you shouldn’t be going solely on what is currently in trend.   What you need to remember is that the clothing you wear when exercising is the type that isn’t designed to make you feel more comfortable, but to actually prevent you from becoming uncomfortable whilst you work out.


By selecting the right kind of clothing to wear at a fitness boot camp will ensure that you are protected from injuries caused by chafing or the elements.   So there is less risk of you getting blisters for example.


So in order to help you choose the right kind of clothing to wear we offer some tips below you may find useful.


Tip 1 – What Material Should Your Clothing Be Made From?


The most important thing that needs to be considered when deciding what clothing to wear when exercising is how effective it will help to manage moisture.   Therefore you need to look for clothing made from materials that will help to wick moisture away from your skin.   When the skin becomes wet it will often lose heat 23 times more quickly than when it is dry and this will certainly not be ideal when you are working out in cooler weather.


Ideally look for clothing that is made from a hydrophobic fabric as this will help to pull any moisture away from your body that you produce when exercising.   Plus also this type of material will help to ensure that your body temperature remains more constant.


Tip 2 – What Types Of Socks Should Be Worn?


When it comes to exercising you should wear socks that you find comfortable.   Just as with the rest of your clothing make sure that the ones you choose are made from a material that allows moisture to be wicked away from your feet.   You should never actually wear socks made from cotton as they will allow the moisture to remain close to your feet and this could lead to you suffering painful blisters.   Plus over time you will find wearing such socks very uncomfortable.


As you will be doing some quite high impact exercises as part of your fitness bootcamp program choose socks that come with some padding.   They will help to ensure that your feet remain comfortable as you exercise.


Tip 3 – Think About The Temperature Outside?


When it comes to attending a fitness bootcamp most of it will take place outdoors, so you need to dress accordingly in respect of the weather.   Certainly when it turns a little cooler you should be considering wearing several layers of thin clothing.   Then as you get hotter you can remove some and then as you start to cool down you can start to put them back on again.


Ideally you first layer of clothing that nearest to your body should be the one that is able to wick moisture away easily and prevent you from losing to much heat as you exercise.   The second layer that you should be wearing in cold weather should be made of lightweight material and again help to stop moisture from remaining on the body.   As for the final layer well this should be made of a good quality material that allows air to circulate easily, but of course should protect you from the elements.


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