Fitness Bootcamp – Try a Tyre Flip Workout

Want to add a bit of variety to your Fitness Bootcamp? Try this workout to spice things up.

fitness bootcamp Got an old truck tyre or some car tyres? What about some marine rope? If you don’t ask around. Go to your local marine store and ask about thick ropes. One of the staff might have some. For car/truck tyres, go to a mechanic that specializes in upgrading tyres. They have to pay for someone to take their old tyres away so they should be more then happy for you to take them off their hands free.

Tyre Flipageddon

Goals: Muscular Endurance

Duration: 1 hour

Equipment: Mats, Cones, Truck tyre, Car tyres, Battling rope, Kettlebell

Warm Up

Jog to exercise area. Have clients run single file and lead them into a circle. Have them stop and do exercises periodically or change direction. Continue for 6-10 minutes.


Set up the four drills below (or four of your own). The tyre flip drill will be the time keeper. That means that when the group flipping the tyre finishes, all groups rotate around onto the next one. You should be able to get through 3 rounds.


Tyre Flip
Set up a 20mx20m square of cones. Clients must take it in turns flipping the tyre around the outside of the cones.

Rope pull
Tie a heavy kettlebell to the end of a rope. Starting with the rope n a line clients must drag then pull the tyre in to form a pile. Stretch the rope out again for the next client.

Car tyre Complex
Perform 8-15 reps of each exercise without stopping. Choose the reps depending on their fitness level.

  1. Presses
  2. Squats
  3. Squat Presses
  4. Reverse lunges

Agility Drills
Clients will complete 2 drills non-stop until it’s time to rotate:

  • ‘S’ Drill through cones – walking lunge back.
  • 360 cone line drill (Mark out 4 cones in a row. Clients run from the first to the fourth cone performing a 360 around the 2 middle cones) – hop back.



Kyle is an Australian Certified Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor. For more information on some of the techniques in this article be sure to check out Bootcamp Ideas for dozens of strength bootcamp workouts.

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  1. I’ve never had an idea that a flip tire can be used as a workout. I’ve tried before the coconut workout and its truly great and fun to exercise with. I hope you posted a video of this tire flip workout. Anyway thanks for sharing this one and even a single item can be used if you’re only creative.

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