Fitness Bootcamp – Warming Up Routine For Women

Fitness Bootcamp – What Is Involved When Warming Up


fitness bootcamp warm upToday more and more women are choosing to sign up to a fitness bootcamp designed specifically for them rather than going to the gym.   These particular workouts can take place either a couple of times a week or 5 times a week.   As well as helping to tone and tighten muscles they of course help to burn off unwanted fat.


Although the main workout is crucial so is the warm up as well.   However you shouldn’t mistake this aspect of the workout for stretching even though it is very much an important part of the warm up.


The warm up is designed in such a way to help raise your body temperature by 1.4 to 2.8 degrees Fahrenheit.   So your body will be better prepared for the vigorous types of exercises you will then need to carry out as part of a woman’s fitness bootcamp.


As you will discover the warming up session is made up three parts.   The first of these being the general warm up that is there to help loosen and warm up muscles.   This part of the warm up routine involves you performing a number of joint movements and aerobic exercises.


The joint rotation exercises are ones that target the joints to improve their motion by lubricating them.  You will be shown how to perform circular movements by your instructor in order to improve rotation and will involve all the joints in your body such as your wrists, shoulders, neck, elbows, hips, knees, ankles, legs and waist.


After these exercises have been completed now you can move on to the aerobic exercises this you perform for a few minutes and will help to increase the way your cardio vascular system functions.   The kind of aerobic exercises you do may involve a jumping rope.


Following the aerobic aspect of the warm you will then move on to the second part, which is the stretching phase of the warm up.   This part of the warm up at any women’s fitness bootcamp is a combination of both static and dynamic stretch exercises.


The static type always precedes the dynamic type to prevent you from injuring yourself.   Special emphasis in the static part of this warm up is placed on working muscles that will be used during the core part of your bootcamp workout.


Only when your instructor feels that you are ready will you then move on to the final part of the warm up.   This involves a variety of different strength exercises to help warm the muscles up especially those that are going to be used a great deal during the main part of the bootcamp workout.


The strength exercises you perform during this part of the warm up are the same as those you will perform during the main workout but at a much lower intensity.   The aim of these particular exercises during the warm up is to increase strength, balance and co-ordination when you are actually working out.   So helping to reduce the risk of you causing any kind of injury to yourself during the main part of the fitness bootcamp workout.


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