Fitness Bootcamp – What Are The Benefits?

Fitness BootcampToday it isn’t only gym instructors and personal trainers who are offering fitness bootcamp programs; there are a number of ex military personnel offering such as well.   During the last few years the popularity of these types of programs has increased as they offer a more effective as well as quicker way of getting into shape.


The kinds of exercises that you will be asked to participate in when you undertake a fitness bootcamp will combine several different kinds of exercises.  Along with running and interval training there are exercises involving your body weight that will be carried out.   All of these fitness bootcamp exercises are designed to not only increase strength but improve the way in which your cardiovascular system works so as a result losing weight and getting fit becomes a lot easier.


So why is it called a Fitness Bootcamp?


It is called this as the program involves you training with a group of people, and rather than the workout being indoors it is done in the fresh outdoors.   The term fitness bootcamp is used to describe fitness classes such as this as they hope to build up some kind of camaraderie and team effort in those who participate in them.   Really these classes are designed to help push you further than you would normally push yourself when exercising at the gym alone.


What forms of exercises can one expect to have to perform as part of such a fitness program as this?


There are numerous bodyweight exercises that your instructor will show you to do.   The most commonly used ones as part of a fitness bootcamp are squats, burpees, push-ups and suspension training.   When it comes to suspension training this is where you use your own bodyweight.  The exercises you do are designed to help develop not only strength and flexibility but also your balance.   Plus they are also exercises that are designed to improve joint stability at the same time.


Also there is a further set of exercises known as Plyometrics that your instructor will teach you how to do as part of this fitness program.   These are exercises which have been developed to be used to increase the speed or force of muscular contractions as you work out and so over time will help to improve not only your performance when doing your workout but when involved in other forms of sport.   Also these are exercises that are going to help reduce the risk of you causing injury to yourself.



However between these fitness bootcamp exercises you also will find that the instructor requires you to do some running or compete in some games.  Any of these activities are specifically designed to help improve your cardiovascular system.   If this system is working at more efficient levels then of course you will find that you burn off calories and unwanted fat much more easily.


But even though you are working alongside others the aim of this particular type of fitness program is to allow you to work at your own pace.  Yet when the need arises you can team up with others in your group.   You are all going to be working towards one goal and that is to get into better physical shape.


Along with helping you to get in shape there are a number of other things that you can benefit from when doing this kind of fitness program.


Firstly it provides you with support.   Often most people who decide to go to the gym to get into shape find that they become bored with their exercise regime.   Also they find it much harder to develop any kind of regular exercise regime, as they have no one to spur them on with their training.   But with a fitness bootcamp you are working alongside people who have the same goals as you and want to help you achieve your goals as much as they want to achieve yours.   So you are more likely to remain motivated at achieving what it is you want from using this form of fitness program.
Secondly the cost of participating in such programs is a great deal less than employing your own personal trainer.    As you are part of a group you will find that you probably have to spend a third of what you would have to spend on getting instructions from a personal trainer.


Thirdly they will ensure that should you suffer from any underlying medical conditions that they come up with a program that meets your particular needs.   Certainly the really good fitness boot camps will actually arrange to speak with your doctor to discuss what your problems are so that they can devise a special program that won’t actually be detrimental to your health further.


Fourthly you will find that a fitness bootcamp will cater to all levels.  From those who have not done any exercise at all in the last few years to those who have been going to the gym regularly each week or play a particular sport each week.


Another benefit to be had from getting involved in this kind of fitness program is that you aren’t looking a walls or mirrors as you train.   Most people are put off going to a gym to exercise initially because all they can see is their body staring back at them from the glass.   Instead these types of classes are held outdoors.   So not only do you need to be concerned about having to look at yourself you are also getting plenty of fresh air as you exercise.


Of course the real benefit to be had from participating in any fitness bootcamp available is that you don’t need to design your own fitness program.   After assessing your level of fitness the instructor of the class will devise a program that meets your particular requirements the best.  Also if you want to they will allow you to take notes so you know exactly what you need to do and can continue on all the hard work in the comfort of your own home at a time that is suitable for you.


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