Bootcamp Workout for a Holistic Fitness regime

Bootcamp Workouts

Bootcamp workouts are relatively brief compared to regular workouts and require your complete focus and dedication. In addition, bootcamp workouts take less time and make you burn more calories quickly. The exercises are varied to avoid boredom and are done in a circuit fashion with no break in between to make your entire body respond efficiently. You can easily fit boot camp workouts in a busy schedule, as they don’t require any equipment. Here is a list of enjoyable and result-producing boot camp workouts: Running in place: Prior to starting any workout, most of us need to warm up a bit to get up to the pace. By running in place for 2 minutes, you will warm up to the right level that is required to continue other workouts. As the duration is only 2 minutes, you won’t feel tired after this workout. Hops and Pops: For this workout, you need to alternate between five jumping jacks and five pushups by dropping to the floor in between. You need to perform at least 20 … [Read more...]