The fat loss secret of the Russian Kettlebell

kettlebell workout

The kettlebell had become the latest training tool to reach the limelight, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz use them. TV workouts are promoting kettlebells almost like the second coming. So why exactly is there such a big buzz around kettlebells. Well they're not just a new "fad", they're promoted because they really work. Find out why you can achieve far better weight loss with kettlebells. Difference between fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibres Our muscles are comprised of fast twitch and slow twitch muscles, the fast twitch allows you to run fast and hump high, the slow twitch are more for endurance and allows marathon runners to run for hours. Heavy strength training stimulates the fast twitch muscle fibres, which makes the muscles larger and appear ripped on trainees with low body fat. Strength training does nothing for the slow twitch fibres. On the flip side running for long periods of time, like marathons and 20+ minute runs on the treadmill … [Read more...]