Pre-BootCamp Foods to Help Maximize Sessions

Pre bootcamp food

One of the easiest ways to kick-start your weight loss regime into over drive is to join a bootcamp class.  Not only do these intense fitness courses help build muscle and break up fat, but they also can lower your medical bills since a healthier lifestyle means less frequent trips to the doctor. But in order to get the most out of your  bootcamp workout and avoid getting too fatigued or ill during (or after), you need to  eat the "right" easily digestible  foods to give you fuel— especially if you plan on joining an early bird session and just underwent 7 hours of foodless sleep. That said, below are a few ideal foods high carbohydrate, moderate protein, and low in fat to help give you the proper energy you need to withstand an hour long (or longer) bootcamp session. Plain, Non Fat Greek Yogurt Yogurt is known for being a great source of probiotics and vitamin c which helps regulate the digestive system and boosts immunity respectively, but it's also an excellent source of … [Read more...]