The Best Things to Eat or Drink Before or After a Workout to Kickstart Your Metabolism

what to eat to kickstart your matabolism

It’s time to hit the gym. Whether you have plans to do cardio, strength training, or yoga, strategic eating pre- and post-workout can ensure that your metabolism fires up and stays running for hours after your workout is complete.  Adding rocket fuel to your metabolism is the key to getting maximum benefits from your workouts.  It can also help you reach peak performance in whatever sport or activity you pursue. Choose the foods you eat both before and after you workouts carefully to be the best athlete you can – and burn fat and build muscles for hours after your workout ends. Pre-workout Choices Depending on the time of day you exercise, it’s important to get adequate calories to fuel your body and get your system revving.  If you are a morning person who squeezes in a run or hits the gym before work, it’s especially important to take the time to eat breakfast. Working out on an empty stomach doesn’t mean that you’ll be burning extra fat; it just means that … [Read more...]