What To Expect When You Go To Fitness Bootcamp

fitness bootcamp

Have you begun to notice that your workouts at the gym don’t seem to keep you as motivated as they did?   Do you find that you are struggling to even get your gym kit together?   Well if you are now may be the time to consider signing up for a fitness bootcamp.


This type of workout has become extremely popular in recent years and is down to the fact that it is much more challenging.   Okay the name is somewhat intimidating but as you will soon discover there really isn’t anything to lose other than those extra few pounds you may have gained.


So what can you expect from attending a Fitness Bootcamp ?


  1. 1. Well firstly never expect to be doing the same workout over and over again.   This type of workout involves a great deal of variety, as you are required to complete a number of different exercises.   Some of which require the use of equipment such as dumbbells, jump ropes and resistance bands.


2.  Secondly the way in which you need to warm up varies it is much more energetic yet no use of traditional gym equipment such as treadmills is involved.   Instead you will be taught how to use bench jumps and burpees to raise your heart rate and bring your conditioning to a totally different level.   Plus you will also be shown the correct way to cool down after your workout.   This helps to ensure that you remain flexible as well as increasing blood flow around the body so you are much less likely to cause injury to yourself.


To see a real fitness bootcamp in action and some of the results you can achieve check out this youtube video from Fit Body BootCamp The good stuff starts at 1:04 and will show you exactly what to expect.




3.   Any fitness bootcamp is one that challenges your whole body so it becomes much tighter and toned.    Instead of you struggling to remember various exercises you would do in the gym your instructor will guide you through a set of exercises that is working your body as whole.


4.  With this form of workout you won’t always be working on your own.   There are certain exercises within the bootcamp that are designed to be carried out in pairs or in groups.   Not only will this help to ensure that you do actually finish the workout but will also help you in remaining motivated when doing the exercises.


5.  Finally you will be shown by your instructors how to do any new exercises correctly.   First off the instructor will show you how to perform the exercise taking it one step at a time.   Then when you actually try to perform it yourself they will spend time coming round to ensure that your form is correct and so ensuring that you are doing the exercise properly.


Along with the above you can also expect to lose those inches from around your waist as well as increase muscle tone.   Plus by joining a fitness bootcamp you will start to see your energy levels improve and this in turn is going to help you burn off calories much more quickly.   In some cases where you are working out very vigorously during one session you could end up burning as many as 1,000 calories.


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